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IoTeX News Digest EP78

Simone Romano January 27th, 2020

1️⃣ Latest token swap process plan➡️

2️⃣ Staking & Voting using native IOTX ➡️

Ucam by IoTeX: The Privacy & Security You Need

Simone Romano January 22nd, 2020

In our new blog, we explain the security and privacy components of Ucam, as well as provide context on the latest series of Ring/Nest/Wyze camera hacks that have made international headlines.

➡️ Learn how Ucam protects your data, identity, and privacy:


IoTeX Listed on Coinone!

Simone Romano January 21st, 2020

🎉 IoTeX is now listed on the third largest exchange in Korea 🇰🇷 Coinone!

✅ The IOTX-E/KRW pair is open for trading. 

Check out the official announcement ➡️


How We Built the World’s First (Truly) Private Home Security Camera

Simone Romano January 21st, 2020

The Internet of Trusted Things is one step closer to becoming reality. Read about our journey building the world's first TRULY private home security camera 



Thread of the Week (TOTW) №5: Why does privacy matter to you?

Simone Romano January 20th, 2020

Have you ever been part of a privacy leak /breach or has anyone around you been affected as a result of one? Feel free to share your stories and opinions in our thread.

💰 Rewards: 3 winners get 2000 IOTX

➡️ Join TOTW №5:


IOTHINGS Congress - Presented IoTeX Internet of Trusted Things in Rome

Simone Romano November 27th, 2019

IoTeXLab presented IoTeX "Internet of Trusted Things" technology at IOTHINGS Rome : the speech was focused on the current state of the IoT, how IoTeX technology can bring end-to-end encriptio to IoT devices and power the future "Internet of Trusted Things". Finally, a summary of IoTeX real-world application preview like Ucam, Pebble Tracker and Avoboard.
IOTHINGS, has become the leader IoT event in Italy, taking place twice a year: one in Milan and the other Rome. 

See the photo gallery



Raspberry Tutorial #2 - Run IoTeX on Raspberry-Compatible boards

Simone Romano October 13th, 2019

After the latest tutorial showing how to build from scratch and run a IoTeX blockchain fullnode on a Raspberry Pi 3, let's now take a look at running it on the new Raspberry Pi 4 and other compatible boards.

In this new tutorial we use an ARM docker image of the node, built and maintained by IoTeXLab, publicly available on Docker Hub: this way it will be very easy to install a IoTeX full node on most ARM boards supporting Ubuntu!

See the full tutorial here:


Raspberry Tutorial #1 - Running a IoTeX Full Node on Raspberry Pi 3 b+

Simone Romano July 14th, 2019

Ready for Blockchain-Based Internet of Things?
This tutorial showed for the first time how to install the IoTeX Blockchain Full Node on a Raspberry Pi 3 b+ board! View the tutorial



Cryptomondays Meetup - Simone will present IoTeX in Milan, May 20, 2019

Simone Romano May 21st, 2019

A great blockchain meetup on May 20 in Milan, where I perticipated as an IoTeX Brand Ambassador to share the IoTeX technology with the local crypto community! Over 50 people attended the first "Cryptomondays" event, in a relaxed and cozy athmosphere of the Garage Moulinsky location in Milan (Italy).