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IoTeX Lab Mission

provides people interested in IoTeX with explainer videos and tutorials about the IoTeX Blockchain. We also represent IoTeX at industry events and organize local meetups

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Voting & rewards

90% of the Epoch Bonus is shared with our voters every ~4 days. The remaining rewards will be used to cover infrastructure costs, and fund initiatives to support IoTeX adoption

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About me

I've been supporting the IoTeX community since the first day. I'm a senior Brand Ambassador, and I fully believe in the IoTeX vision. is my way to contribute to IoTeX global success

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About IoTeX

IoTeX is a blockchain 3.0 platform for the Internet of things. The IoTeX blockchain allows for massive scalability, instant transactions, full privacy, smart contracts, and lightweight cryptography

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IoTeX Staking Opened on March 4th!!

Delegates, Voting, Staking & Rewards explained


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Linux System Operator

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Simone Romano


Master Degree in Computer Science (spec. Automation and Industrial Robotics). CEO at Sortec srl, Brand Ambassador and Community Manager at IoTeX, over 12 years of experience in machine vision for industrial applications. 4 industrial patents.

Web/Solidity Developer

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"The measure of who we are, is what we do with what we have"

  1. I Met IoTeX

    March, 2018

    I came over the IoTeX Whitepaper in March 2018: as an IT and Industrial Engineer, for me that was love at first sight! From that moment I've been one of the most active users in the IoTeX community every day. I've been reading all the academic papers IoTeX released, constantly learning about IoTeX technology, and I did my best every day helping all community members, educating and informing them about the IoTeX advanced features and their vision.

  2. Community Manager

    May, 2018

    I founded @IoTeXGroupIT, the first IoTeX Local Telegram Group after the official English, Russian and Korean communities. Italy has a small crypto community yet, despite IoTeX being a completey unknown project, I could quickly grow the community to the size of other blockchain Italian groups like ZCash, NEM and others. I provided an accurate Italian translation of the IoTeX Whitepaper, IoTeX official website, Explorer and Web Wallet.

  3. First Local Meetup (Rome)

    July 13, 2018

    In July 2018 Larry Pang, BD @ IoTeX, came to Italy and I took the opportunity to meet him in person and organise to first local IoTeX meetup, which took place in Rome (Italy) on July 13rd, 2018. That was an exciting experience, and a great pleasure to meet Larry! One member could make a video of the event (first 10 minutes are in Italian, the rest is in English), though the audio is low quality you can watch it on YouTube! Watch the video

  4. Selected as a Brand Ambassador

    July 24, 2018

    On July 24, for the effert I devoted to the project, I was selected together with few other early supporters to be included in the IoTeX Brand Ambassadors Program. IoTeX Contributors Join the BA Program!

  5. Started the IoTeX Explained Video Series on YouTe

    Oct 24, 2018

    As more people got interested in IoTeX, more and more technical questions were being asked in the official groups: I decided to start a series of three videos on YouTube that would explain, by means of simple animations, the basics of IoTeX blockchain architecture. Subchains Roll DPoS Privacy

  6. Testing the full-node

    Jan 10, 2019

    On November 30th 2018 IoTeX accomplished a great milestone with the release of the "Open Testnet Phase I": now users could run their own node and give life to the first really decentralized IoTeX Network. Waiting for this moment for a long time, I configured and run a full node of the testnet, testing many configurations both on Mac and Linux, on a cloud server and in a local lan. My work also led the team to discover and fix some bugs and, eventually I made a tutorial video where I shared my experience with the community and helped many people getting started wit running the full node.
    Full Node Tutorial Open Testnet

  7. Project & Website

    Feb 01, 2019

    On February 1st I started the project: a place where people could learn about IoTeX Blockchain, and find useful tools. On the launch of the website I published an online Rewards Calculator officially adopted by the IoTeX Team as a reference for those who wanted to candidate as Delegate Node in the IoTeX Network. Few days later, I released a Voting, Staking & Rewards tool to help voters estimate possible ROIs from voting for delegates and staking tokens in the IoTeX network
    Voting, Staking & Rewards calculator

  8. Joining the IoTeX Delegates Program

    Feb 25, 2019

    Thank you for supporting as a candidate Block Producer!
    The voting process for the election of Block Producers in the IoTeX blockchain will be open between February 25th and March 5th. From that moment on, you will be able to stake your IOTX, vote for , earn rewards, and help to bootstrap the IoTeX bockchain in March 2019!

    Meanwhile, please join our Telegram Group if you have questions, and share your ideas ad suggestions with us about what you expect from , as an IoTeX Block Producer!
    Vote for

  9. IoTeX Meetup - Milan

    Mar 12, 2019

    After the Rome event in July 2018, everything is ready for the second Italian IoTeX Meetup: this time it will tke place in Milan, with the goal of introducing the upcoming IoTeX Mainnet release expected by March 2019. After an introduction to the IoTeX project and vision, we will discuss the Delegate Program and the voting, staking and rewards mechanism. We will also host Binance Angels from the Italian community, for an even more interesting night! Let's meet for a light dinner and some relaxed talk about our favourtite blockchain project!
    Are you in Italy? Join Us!!

  10. IoTeX Speech @ IOTHINGS Congress

    Mar 12, 2019

    will present IoTeX at IOTHINGS Milan: the speech will focus on Roll-DPoS, Subchains and Privacy features. IOTHINGS, has become the leader IoT event in Italy, taking place twice a year: in Milan and Rome. IOTHINGS Milan will take place at MIND, Milano Innovation District, the area that hosted Expo 2015, and which is now being transformed in an excellent scientific and technologic district. IOTHINGS Milan 2018, which took place on April 10th and 11th has been a success with more than 2200 participants, 123 sponsoring companies, exhibitors and partners. An international and heterogeneous audience attended 17 conference sessions with more than 196 speakers discussing about the more innovative IoT solutions and products. During IOTHINGS Milan 2019 ITALIA 5G, AI+BOTS World, BLOCKCHAIN NOW and IOMOBILITY will take place at the same location. The events create an exclusive updating point on the most “disruptive” technologies in order to promote the development of the IoT ecosystem.
    Are you in Italy? Join Us!!

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