on May 20, 2019
by Simone

Cryptomondays Meetup - Simone will present IoTeX in Milan, May 20, 2019

Another great blockchain meetup yesterday evening in Milan, where I perticipated as an IoTeX Brand Ambassador to share the IoTeX technology with the local crypto community! Over 50 people attended the first "Cryptomondays" event, in a relaxed and cozy athmosphere of the Garage Moulinsky location in Milan (Italy). 

I'm proud I could join this panel together with well known influencers and experienced people of the Milan crypto space, explaining Bitcoin and the blockchain technology to people with few or no knowledge of this technology. 

I had the possibility to introduce IoTeX as a Blockchain 3.0, and the Voting & Staking mechanism as an opportunity to actively participate in the network and to earn a passive income at the same time.


Check out the short video of the event!